Instructional Comments


It was initially challenging... but I really enjoyed how you broke down the concepts in an engaging and relatable manner. The short videos are very clear and concise, and the quizzes and discussion activities forced me to understand the material and relate it to daily life. Teresa Lee, 10/8/17

Joe is eager to help and resolve any issues... and takes care of everything quickly, accurately, and awesomely.
Pharmacist, 6/15/17

Joe is on the ball - I can confidently say that if I ever run into any issues, I will ask for him directly because I 100% know and trust he will get them resolved promptly.
Pharmacist, 6/15/17

I feel 100% more confident about using PowerPoint now, and it seems fun rather than scary or a chore. You are a great instructor too!
Meredith Mann, Staff Writer, 1/12/15

Joe did a great job. He was responsive to the needs and questions from the group. He explained the material clearly and allowed us to bring our own examples to the session.
S.E., Manager, 7/22/14

Joe was a fantastic instructor.
J.P., Emergency Resident, 7/3/14

Joe did an excellent job answering everyones questions and he made the class fun!
Nurse, 1/30/14

Instructor, Joe, was excellent and a great teacher! Very easy to follow along and everything was explained well.
E.D., Nursing student, 1/23/14

Joe was great and really helped us get through the course and understand everything that we needed to.
Nursing Student, 1/23/14

Joe was very helpful and kind when we needed help with anything. 
D.G., Nursing Student, 1/20/14

Joe W was excellent, I hope to see him in the future for more classes.
D.H., Fox Chase Cancer Center, 11/12/13

Felt like a private course… Joe was on the mark. Not only did he help with basics but also answered unique and specific applications which are encountered in our jobs. Very helpful!
E.F., RPA, 11/12/13

Joe explains everything...I left knowing I would be able to operate the various systems with "expertise." Love Joe!!! He was very patient, answered ALL of my questions.
S.O., 3/15/13

Joe is really dedicated to his job, and helping others learn... I'm excited about taking other classes...
L.M., 3/6/13

Joe was a great, enthusiastic instructor who made everything very clear and enjoyable.
Nursing Student, 2/18/13

Joe was absolutely terrific and very informative. Outstanding
C.B., Associate Professor, 8/13/12

Once again sending praise & thanks for really good service and helpful instruction, this time from your IT Training Coordinator & Excellent Teacher Joe Wetterling who has given me guidance & much time and effort in learning to use Excel to create electronic records of some complexity from old hard copy ones. I appreciate the skills and kindness and patience shown.
Nancy Washburne, Library of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Director, 4/20/12

Joe was very clear and thorough. An enjoyable & informative class. Thank you!
Nursing Student, 3/22/12

Joe was very knowledgeable and made the course very relatable to my current work assignments.
C.D. 12/14/11

Joe was very informative and available for any questions, he did not feel any question was stupid.
G.S. 11/17/11

Because Joe love's what he does, I believe that is why he is able to inform the class with clear and precise information that is not only relevant to the class but give a larger insight of functions involved with the whole process in general.
Anon. 11/8/11

Joe was a great instructor. Totally helpful and knew what he was talking about. Best IT info I've had so far (and I've been at 3 other hospitals)
Nursing Student, 10/17/11

Instructor Joe has significant knowledge of system and is able to convey information in an easy manner.
G.S., RN, 8/11/11

Joe was very helpful, professional, and informative to my specific needs related to my Job description.
K.S., RN, CRC 6/20/11

Joe did a great job! I appreciated his clarity and sense of humor!
Emergency Physician 6/20/11

Joe was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Joe was very thorough explaining the details of all the functions and formulas! I enjoyed the class very much and this training will certainly make (this part of) my job much easier and less time consuming.
E.L. 5/24/11

Joe was truly excellent. I was going to write his supervisor to say this before I knew there was an evaluation. He was clear, concise, knowledgeable and exceptionally personable and easy to follow.
J.D. 5/18/11

Joe was very friendly and presented the course with excellent knowledge of material and made the course easier with his pleasant personality.
Anon. 5/10/11

Joe was an excellent teacher not intimidating at all... He was quite patient with me and my questions and very willing to go over anything I couldn't grasp the first time. He has my highest rating. He's very pleasant too!
J.L. 1/6/11

Thank you for arranging the course... Joe is an excellent and energetic teacher!
D.L. 4/27/07

Thank you for an excellent class Joe. You touched on every subject or question I had ... Thanks for the ongoing support!
D.H. 4/4/07

Thank you so much for all of your help... you made it easy to understand.
J.C. 12/29/06